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Review System

Greetings to all of you gamers, geeks and nerds out there.

For those wondering, we here at Intense Entertainment plan on producing full-fledged, in-depth reviews of all the latest games and accessories out there and on the horizon. We will give full coverage to all the major platforms, including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii (and the WiiU shortly), while also covering the secondary handheld platforms such as the 3DS, the forthcoming Vita and noteworthy iPhone games. We might also dabble in PC reviews, but don't expect that as frequently as the others.

So what makes us here at Intense Entertainment worthy reviewers for you, the readers, to trust when considering what to purchase and/or spend your time playing (or not playing for that matter)? Well, for one, we aren't funded by a big time cooperation, thus not getting paid to give certain games certain scores. We aren't an electronics store, trying to sell the games we are reviewing. (Obvious conflicts of interest,
anyone?) Hell, we aren't even professional game players who can tell the difference between a few frame rates per second during cinematic cut scenes, or put too much thought into game soundtracks.

We are just ordinary gamers, who have decided to take a life-long passion for video games and turn them into something on a much grander scale. We know what we like in video games, and we know what to look for in determining whether or not a game is good or not. Does that make us credible? Well, that will be for you, the reader, to decide ... but hopefully our lack of mainstream notoriety doesn't prevent us from
giving you gaming advice.

Below, we would like to layout our review structure so that every review you see from us will be fitted to the same basic structure, preventing any games from getting special treatment or biased opinions based on a faulty or inconsistent review structure.

Things we will score a game on:

Visuals/graphics - We will take into consideration the platform that the game is on and what that platform is capable of. Video games are a visual exploration to our imaginations, and the more visually appealing a game is, the better it will rate. Remember though, a beautiful game does not necessarily mean it is the most realistic, HD game ever created.

Game play - How does a game play? Does it look amazing, but the controls are awkward and the character is clunky? Can you have your cake and eat it to, or is the cake just a lie? We will let you know!

Replay value/ included extras - So how often have you beaten a game and found that you never touched it again? More often than you would care to admit, we imagine. Well, allow us to help you figure out what the replay value is in games. On top of that, what kind of content is included in the game to keep you busy for more hours than the main mode provides … and does it even matter? Are there side quests or collecting to be done? Unlockables? ***SPOILER ALERT*** You are about to find out!

Intangibles - Some games just offer that one thing that is so hard to put your finger on, yet completely makes or breaks the game. We aren't always sure what it is, but we will do our best to hunt it out and bring it to light ... if it even exists.

Sound – While we may not be experts on what the difference is between an “Amazing” soundtrack and what is considered a “Good” soundtrack, we do still have hears and occasionally we use them while playing games. We will let you know if a game is worth turning on your surround sound system for, or if it is best to just mute the TV and listen to reruns of The Office in the background.

Overall score – After all those categories are explored, we will give you the absolute low down on the game. Is it worth the money? Is it worth your precious time? It is the age-old question … Is this game worth my hard earned paycheck/allowance, or is it worth neglecting my wife/girlfriend/family/soccer team/(fill in the blank _____________) for X amount of time just to play it? We will let you know for sure, and hopefully help you save your relationships and money from bad games. Consider it a public service.

Score rating scale:

Here is the rating scale we will be using: a 1-10 scale, in increments of .5, with 1 being the lowest score possible and 10 being the top.

9 = EPIC
6 = GOOD
4 = M’EH
3 = BAD
1 = WHY?

So there you have it. We will use this layout on all of our reviews and come up with a final score for you to just quickly look at and ignore the 2000 word review we spent hours on. That's just how we roll.