Isn’t it wonderful how you can choose to spend your time on this planet in any way you want?  Here at Intense Entertainment, we use that time to explore our passion for photography and video because we believe these mediums are the most powerful tools someone can use to communicate.  Whether it be communicating the beauty of moments in time, particular messages or simply trying to put a smile on people’s faces, we believe that photography and video is the best way to go about it.

This company was founded in 2010 when founder, James Carr, realized, after a semester abroad, that photography and video should not only be a hobby but a way of life.  While blogging ferociously about his travels, James found that without the support of photography and video to help tell his stories, it was very difficult to convey the shock and awe that he himself was experiencing.  Basically, without these mediums, the messages he was trying to convey were not “Intense” enough...

Fast forward a few months later, back in the states, and Intense Entertainment was the only logical next step.  Not only would this endeavour enable James to add weight to his messages with photography and video, but it would also permit him to help others wanting to tell stories or capture beauty.  This was and continues to be the greatest reward for all employees working at Intense Entertainment.

Whether it be a wedding, a sporting event, corporate advertising or any other interesting projects, you can be certain that the Intense Entertainment staff is committed to treating the story you want told as their own. 

If you’re simply looking to further your own mastery of these mediums get acquainted with our blog.  We try to regularly post techniques, product reviews, “Do it yourself” project ideas and generally keep you up to date with our current projects.  If these topics spark questions relating to photography and video, do not hesitate to ask them.  We love nothing more than to engage in discussion with our readers.

We've also been fortunate enough to have a group of passionate video game enthusiasts (The Noyse) join our team.  They will be reviewing, commenting and generally covering the video game world to the best of their abilities.  Make sure to visit their blog.

For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us!

Keep it intense folks! It’s the only way to go about things.

- The Intense Entertainment Team